Trail Gourmet Recipe Contest

Portland Trails is holding a recipe contest to “explore the variety of food that can be enjoyed out on the trail”. The deadline for submission is February 22. The first place prize is “a meal for two at one of Portland’s fine restaurants and a guest appearance on CTN5’s ‘Community Kitchens’ television show.”

People are encouraged to submit healthy, delicious recipes for on-the-go food inspired by Portland’s trails and Southern Maine’s farms and gardens.  The recipe should be for a meal-worthy snack that can be carried in a backpack and eaten on a trail. Submissions should include:

  • Recipe
  • Recipe Name (must be named for a trail within the Portland Trail’s network)
  • A brief (1-2 sentence) explanation about why the name was chosen
  • Photograph of the finished dish
  • Category in which the entrant chooses to be judged (professional or amateur)
  • Details about how to store and pack the meal are encouraged

For more information call (207) 775-2411 and ask for Rachael Weyand or email

2 comments on “Trail Gourmet Recipe Contest

  1. Ok i really want to know which is the best place to take my girl for dinner on valentines day. She loves grilled asparagus and broccoli(steamed). She is not 21 yet although i m 24. so waiting for your suggestions.

  2. The only restaurant I can think off-hand that regularly offers asparagus (wrapped in bacon) on their menu is Boda. Perhaps you can start off at Boda for the asparagus appetizer and then head off to somewhere else for your main course. Wherever you go for dinner, I’d suggest saving room for the 3-course Valentine’s Day dessert being offered at Bresca (be sure to call for a reservation).

    Do any PFM readers have any other recommendations for Shashank?

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