The Honey Paw Opening Today (Updated)


The Honey Paw(instagram, twitter, facebook) is scheduled to open today at noon. The “non-denominational noodle restaurant” has been launched the owners of Hugo’s and Eventide: Arlin Smith, Andrew Taylor and Mike Wiley.

The Honey Paw menu is organized into 5 unnamed, numerically designated sections: 001 – 005. Essentially breaking down into: bar snacks, appetizers, noodle-based dishes, entrees and dessert.

When you go be sure to try the Wok Fried Wide Rice Noodles with squid, mussels, Chinese sausage and scallions.

Update: The Blueberry Files has posted some photos from her first meal at The Honey Paw.

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  1. Good food but I can’t figure out what this restaurant is supposed to be about. What’s clear is that it’s definitely about making the scene there.

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