Thai-o-rama: Viet Bangkok Cuisine

Viet Bangkok Cuisine was the focus of this second round of the Thai-o-rama collaborative food writing project. Looking across all reviews for the restaurant, the Pho is the dish nearly everyone agrees is one of VBC’s strengths. Earlier reviews in 2007 by Accidental Vegetables and the Maine Sunday Telegram also complimented the Thai entrees but that wasn’t the experience this time around.
Appetite Portland details two reasons to visit the Viet Bangkok Cuisine, “1. The authentic Pho, 2. The trippy, giant lobster mounted to the wall.” In her review she writes of her non-Pho dining “As for the rest of our meal? Mixed results.”
Edible Obsessions had an “odd and highly disappointing” meal and reports she “Probably won’t be heading back.”
The Blueberry Files went with a group of friends including blogger Strawberries in Paris. She writes that the appetizers were “good, but nothing to write home about” but it sounds like the Pho was the standout dish of the night “There were thin slices of beef, skinny rice noodles, thinly sliced onions, and floaty green onions. Deeeelicious.” with other entrees suffering from an “odd sweetness”.
Where is Jenner’s Mind describes VBC as “small clean restaurant with all the requisite kitschy south east asian decor”. She echoes The Blueberry Files assessment that their were “some weird elements” that cropped up in their dinner but sums up with “you may get some surprises in your dishes, but overall i think it will be enjoyable.”
Portland Daily Sun had this to say “The vegetables were limp, the color olive drab, something you’d find in an army surplus store rather than a farmer’s market or produce section…It must be mentioned that the Massaman Tofu was good but the flavor was identical to that which I make with canned stuff. All in all, Viet Bangkok is a place to be skipped. There are too many better alternatives in Portland to frequent a place that goes by the numbers.”

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