Thai-o-rama: Vientiane

For the 10th round of this comprehensive survey/review of Thai restaurants in Portland we visited Vientiane on Noyes Street. It’s a combination market and restaurant. There a few tables but is probably better known as a spot to get takeout.
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The food certainly doesn’t come close to Boda’s or even Pom’s. But, compared to the other neighborhood Thai restaurants, Adam and I both feel it fares quite well. Rather strongly, even.

The curry was quite nice and the atmosphere — authentic and weird — can’t be beat.

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Later on that evening we talked about our dishes and I came to a conclusion: Perhaps, over the past six years of trying other places in town, it wasn’t really Vientiane that had changed but us. The meal was still enjoyable, just not the best we’ve had. Our tastes and preferences now lie elsewhere in the Thai spectrum offered in and around Portland. Like any relationship that fades away because people change I have this to say to Vientiane, “I’m sorry, it’s not you–it’s me.”

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So I’m excited to eat at and review Vientiane, because I know their Pad Thai is the best I’ve ever had. That’s right, the best I’ve ever had. So if you’ve had their Pad Thai and are immediately thinking a me a philistine, that’s fine. At least you know where my tastes lie. This Pad Thai is my personal measure for all other Pad Thais.

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after a summer break from thai food and blogging, vientiane was a great welcome back. while they offer the average thai fare, vientiane does a good job at it. its very convenient and we will definitely be going back for thai take-out.

Food in Portland published the one prior review of Vientiane about a decade ago and gave them 3½ stars, “My freshly made spring rolls were large, tasty and lovely to look at. The vegetables (mostly cucumber, carrot and sprouts) and the mint were very fresh and the rice wrapping itself was soft and easy to bite into. They came with a sweet Thai sauce with bits of peanut and pepper flakes.”
There are just 3 Thai restaurants left for us to visit: Chiang MaiSengchai Thai, Siam Orchid. Where we should go next?

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