Thai-o-rama: Sengchai Thai

For the last round of our survey/review of Thai restaurants in Portland we visited Sengchai Thai which is located on Forest Ave in the same building as Haknuman Meanchey and just down the road from Mekhong Thai.
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I left feeling cozy and satisfied, but I think that was mostly due to the company and the odd, bubbly service. The food was pretty good. Servicable Thai.

Edible Obsessions repeated her approach from round 1 with a visual presentation of her eating notes – see the full review
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As for us, we were underwhelmed, as much as we didn’t want to be. When our delightful, aforementioned waitress brought a free round of steamy, yummy curry puffs, we were heartened. Alas, it all went downhill from there.

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Larb Gai is described as ‘ground chicken tossed with lemon grass, kaffir lime leaves, fresh lime juice, red onions, mint and Thai spices and sauce.’ And it was delicious. I ordered two stars, which was just the right amount of spice. There was crunchy toasted rice, great lemongrass flavor, and lots of fresh mint. The flavors melded together so nicely, and it was saucy, not dry. And while the menu said it would come on a bed of lettuce, my dish instead came with

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so as you can tell, this was yet another mediocre thai meal. if you are in the area and you are really craving thai, by all means stop into sengchai thai and you will get a predictable meal of thai standards. but by no means go out of your way to dine at this restaurant.

The Maine Sunday Telegram published the one prior review of Sengchai Thai and in 2004 the reviewer wrote,”It was as if we had found the Thai version of an old-fashioned, trustworthy diner where the food was remarkably inexpensive but generously served and delicious.” You can see their menu online at
The group plans on putting together a retrospective look back at the last year of eating Thai with some overall recommendations on where to eat Thai in Portland. Watch for it next week.

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