Thai-o-rama: Saeng Thai House

For the 9th round of this comprehensive survey/review of Thai restaurants in Portland we visited Saeng Thai House which has two locations located just a few blocks from each other. The original location at 921 Congress remained dormant for many years but was refurbished and relaunched a couple of years ago, and the “new” location at 271 Saint John Street.
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The people at Saeng Thai are very nice- both times I’ve eaten in and gotten take out, I’ve had excellent customer service. But this time my food didn’t live up to my previous experience.

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in relation to all the standard thai in this town, i think its up towards top of the list. but as my friend mark said, we may just be hitting it on the right night. its also quite a deal with the pad thai costing like $6 or $7. so at this price point and the two good meals we have had so far, i would visit saneg thai house again.

When I first moved to Portland people would regularly recommend Saeng Thai as a good option for Thai food, but despite living just a few blocks away this was my first visit in 12 years. I visited the restaurant on Saint John Street and was  pleased with my meal, the food was fresh and well executed and the service very friendly. I would definitely eat there again and hope to try out the small original spot on Congress Street the next time I go.
There were also two earlier reviews published in Portland magazine (2003) and the Portland Press Herald (2004). The 4 star review from the Press Herald wrote that, “Saeng Thai House now has fancier digs and a larger, more creative menu than it had on Congress Street. The food is still excellent, and a pretty good bargain at that.”
There are  just 4 Thai restaurants left visit: Chiang Mai, VientianeSengchai Thai, Siam Orchid. Do you have any thoughts on where we should go next?

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  1. I have enjoyed your Thai-o-rama ……how about tackling portlands sushi resturants next—? There’s plenty of them:
    Benkay, Yosuka, Sapporo, King of the Roll, Fuji, Shima, Nara, Kon Bistro, and more……would be a big help to a lt of Sushi lovers—-

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