Thai-o-rama: Sabieng

For the seventh round of this comprehensive group survey/review of Thai restaurants in Portland we visited Sabieng on Forest Ave. They’re neighbors with Bibo’s and Katahdin. All three are well situated to tap into theater goers on their way to a performance at Portland Stage. Sabieng is just the latest name for the Thai restaurant at this location. In recent memory it’s also been called Nakornping Thai and Chaba Thai Cuisine II.
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let’s just say that the interior didn’t exactly beg me to sit down and stay for a meal. As everyone tends to judge a book by its cover from time to time, this made me a bit nervous that I was in for another disappointing plate of Pad-Thai. Luckily, the food at Sabieng is on a higher plane than the decor.

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I don’t know how good business is at Sabieng; after all it’s tucked around a corner and is right down the street from the more popular Pom’s. But between the hospitality we received and the fresh ingredients, I’d recommend adding this place to your short list of great Thai restaurant in Portland.

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appetizer = chive pancakes. yummy. a little gummy in that way that rice pancake-type-things can be but it filled with fresh chives and garlic and complemented nicely with a ginger dipping sauce. mains = panaeng tofu curry and lemon grass chicken, both served with brown rice and both ordered medium spicy. yum to both.

These are the first reviews published of Sabieng and as a result we’re now able to take them off the Unreviewed List.

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