Thai-o-rama: Mekhong Thai

For the fifth round of the Thai-o-rama (Round 1, Round 2, Round 3, Round 4) collaborative food writing project, a skeleton crew tackled Mekhong Thai on Forest Ave.
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Now, when I opened up my container of Drunken Noodles with Chicken, I was quite excited. The dish smelled wonderful and the portion was more than generous. And, on the first few bites, I thought it to be one of the best. But then the burning in my mouth took over to the point of nearly being inedible. This wasn’t the feel good burn I normally associate with this dish . . .

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I visited the place last week and have decided to be brief then be gone: Average food, average service. Worth neither avoiding nor making a special trip.

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The Pad Thai (although not exactly true to the opposing glamor shot) was probably the best I’ve had yet between Sala Thai and Pom’s Thai Taste. Crispy, juicy chicken and a well-balanced sauce actually delivered a decent amount of flavor. Certainly not the best Pad Thai I’ve had, and I’m quite convinced it’s not the best in town either. But it was pretty good, and I wouldn’t hesitate from picking some up for a lazy weeknight dinner.

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Over Mekhong Thai does not make my list of go-to places for Thai food in Portland. After we ordered, I noticed a table stand that was their Pho menu. Maybe I’ll include it in my tour of Portland’s Pho dishes, but I will keep searching for the best Thai in Portland.

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