Take-out Tipping

The Portland Daily Sun has published the first of a 2-part series on take-out tipping.

Varying industry sources on the Web say the percentage should be anywhere from the change in your pocket to treating the transaction as if it were a dine-in experience. I typically do 10 to 20 percent for food packaged or delivered and $1 for coffee. As always, tipping is your call. Chances are slim someone will violate your food if you don’t tip, but your service next time will be even better if you do.

3 comments on “Take-out Tipping

  1. RE: tipping owners, after I bought a cupcake at Love Cupcakes last summer, I asked the woman where her tip jar was and she explained that she was the owner and didn’t feel right taking tips. She said to save it for the next time when one of the younger employees was working. I thought that was nice.

  2. Mesa Verde has closed. Door is locked, signage gone, art work all taken down and earlier in the day there was a sign on the door saying they have closed.

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