Mesa Verde Closed (Updated)

Mesa Verde has gone out of business, reports the Bangor Daily News.

A long-time Congress Street Mexican restaurant closed its doors this week in an abrupt manner.

According to the city’s Public Health Division website, Mesa Verde failed two food safety inspections since June, including one on Jan. 17. The report documents a litany of problems from fruit flies in the kitchen to food not properly refrigerated.

Update: the Press Herald published an article on Friday about Mesa Verde closing.

4 comments on “Mesa Verde Closed (Updated)

  1. This Nazi like enforcement is a joke. I am all for food safety but some of the violations are more like a witch hunt. I guess the PC police are ok with more jobs being lost. Suck it up, get a life, shut your pie holes.

  2. I used to go here quite a bit, but the last few times the food was really not that good, the service was bad and the place was empty. It went from a destination “lets go to mesa verde” to a fallback “well, everywhere else is packed and we’re here so lets just go to mesa verde.” It seemed like this has been coming for sometime given that there didn’t really seem to be any sort of improvements happening. Lots of places get dinged on inspections and recover.

  3. I guess there should be no standards for keeping a kitchen clean and sanitary. How about being accountable for your employees and being sure the kitchen is cleaned and sanitized at the end of a shift. Is it to much to ask that these establishments be held accountable for keeping a place clean. If being a Nazi means holding a business accountable for what should be common sense then sign me up!

  4. The online reports don’t sound good, frankly.

    I am imagining there have already been dozens of calls on this property with so many looking for restaurant space.

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