Spectrum Culture Eating Report

Spectrum Culture has published commentary on meals at Duckfat, The Merry Creperie, Bite into Maine! Morning in Paris, Fore Street, Gorgeous Gelato and Gelato Fiasco from a recent trip to Portland.

Fact: There is a restaurant every 3.8 feet in downtown Portland, Maine (that’s not a fact but I’d wager it’s pretty close). I can’t think of another town that I have been to where I’ve been simply overwhelmed by the sheer amount of dining choices. Take a walk through the old port district and you’ll find everything from taco stands to sushi joints with brew pubs, lobster shacks (of course) and cafés mixed in among the array of seemingly endless offerings. One could spend a month cycling through the city’s establishments and still not get to all of them. We only had five days. Thanks to the superior research powers of my wife, who did an enormous amount of planning while I was off gallivanting at a few pre-trip concerts, we were able to maximize our time in Maine’s cultural capital.

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