Single Sandwich Reviews: Portland Lobster & Blue Rooster

Haddockquest has reviewed the fish sandwich at Portland Lobster Company,

I can easily see how beers, music and a football-sized platter of fried clams could make for a great afternoon on Portland Lobster Company’s relaxing and picaresque patio, and there’s no way I’d turn down an invite from a friend if I had time at the moment. Once again, however, this blog is 100% GRADE-A ALL ABOUT HADDOCK SANDWICHES and nothing more. Unfortunately, this one didn’t make the cut. 

and Chubby Werewolf has reviewed this week’s guest chef hot dog at Blue Rooster.

Though I’m trying to limit my hot dog consumption to one per week, were I to re-order this hot dog in the future, I might offer to pony-up an extra dollar or two for a double-dose of that Raclette. Either way, the French Connection is a worthy and inventive addition to Blue Rooster’s Summer Chef Series and one worth trying for yourself.

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  1. Anybody go to Slab yet? I heard opening Tuesday but I think the had a soft opening Saturday night and maybe friends and family Friday.

  2. They had an industry only event tonight. Soft opening will (hopefully) I was told by Thursday or Friday with real opening on Saturday.

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