Sauerkraut Bake-Off

The Blueberry Files has published her tasting notes from a “Kraut-Off” between the sauerkrauts from Morse’s (available at Rosemont?) and Thirty Acre Farm (available at the Farmers Market).

Morse’s sauerkraut is more mild than TAF’s version. It is slightly more vinegary, less salty, and doesn’t have too much of an aftertaste. It’s super crunchy and juicy; very fresh tasting. It certainly doesn’t pack the punch of the garlic sour pickles, which get you in the same spot that Sour Warheads candy do.

2 comments on “Sauerkraut Bake-Off

  1. I’ll have to check when I go in for the wine tasting tomorrow, but I’m pretty sure they only sell Morse’s pickles at Rosemont markets. You can, however, get the 30 Acres Farm kraut there.

  2. Just so everyone knows, Rosemont sells both Morse’s and Thirty Acre Farms krauts and other products.

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