Rosemont Produce

Instant Portland has published an article about Rosemont’s new produce store on Commercial Street.

Rosemont Produce Company makes me happy in a way I can’t really articulate. For someone like me, who can’t get to the Wednesday market at Monument Square, and who often has conflicts with the hours of the Saturday market, especially in the summer, having the opportunity to just pop down to Commercial St to pick up what I need for dinner, without battling the crowds at Hannaford or trying to park at Trader Joe’s … well, let’s just say that I’m sure I’ll be giving them a lot of business, one leek or a couple of onions at a time.

3 comments on “Rosemont Produce

  1. Arabica’s beans are a great roast for espresso based drinks, but tastes too burnt as coffee. Bard’s pour over individual drip is a great technique, my beef is that the quality is inconsistent between visits even when ordering the same roast and bean.

  2. Have you been to Bard recently? They just changed their pour over station. They now pour over each cup on a scale to hit a weight target for the right amount of water and also time the extraction. This was all done to improve the consistency of the coffee so maybe give them another try!

  3. My beef with Bard has always been the barista never giving me my change back. I have been there 3 or 4 times and the dude always has to be reminded about my change. As for the coffee it is over priced in my opinion. I prefer Arabica for its slightly cheaper price and friendly staff.

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