Reviews: Woodford F&B, Uncle Billy’s, Paciarino, Portland Pulp

The Bollard has reviewed Woodford F&B,

When it opened in early 2016, Woodford F&B breathed new life into the perpetually under-construction clusterfuck of an intersection known as Woodfords Corner. Locals took notice right away, filling the booths and barstools on most nights for classic, upscale American dishes and excellent cocktails. F&B started serving brunch soon after, and my family has been there at least a half dozen times since we moved into the nearby Oakdale neighborhood last year. I haven’t written about this brunch until now — not because I didn’t love it, but because I didn’t want to share. I now realize that was unfair to you, dear reader. I’ve been selfish. I feel terrible, believe me.

the Portland Phoenix had reviewed Uncle Billy’s,

Uncle Billy’s in its current form doesn’t come off as thrown together or temporary in any sense; it feels lived in and well-seasoned. Customer-drawn napkin art and BBQ-themed tchotchkes line the walls, with warmly saturated blue and ride lighting giving the space a roadhouse-esque ambiance recalling Twin Peaks in its most dreamlike moments. It doesn’t feel like you’re in Maine, and for a concept which aims to transport the diner to Memphis for just a short while, this is a success.

the Peter Peter Portland Eater had reviewed Paciarino, and

There are a number of Italian restaurants that have opened in Portland over the past few years and I like many of them. But Paciarino holds a special place in my heart and it’s most certainly because their pasta is on another level. They make it daily and it adds a component to their meals that differentiates them from many of the other Italian cuisine purveyors around here. Whatever you get, it’s guaranteed to be tasty, fresh, and filling.

the Press Herald had reviewed Portland Pulp.

As I watched a young suit-clad man depart delighted with his buffalo chicken wrap (a special on the menu at the time), I surveyed the premises, confused: Was I still in the same vegan-looking health food paradise? I was, and it was then that I realized that Portland Pulp is one of the few juice bars where buffalo chicken wraps and straight kale juice can be friends.

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  1. We need geography lessons for the Maine Media writers — by no stretch of the imagination is Portland Pulp located in the Old Port. So describing it as being such is a fine way to make sure potential customers don’t find it.

    On Oak Street, one block off Congress near Reny’s would work.

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