Reviews: Tandem Bakery, Street & Co.

The Press Herald has published a lunch reaview of Tandem Bakery,

The turkey is layered in thick slices, and adorned with baby lettuce, spicy greens and jalapeno pickles for a kick…What made this sandwich great was its completeness. Every detail was attended to: The turkey was fresh, the greens crisp and the bread tasty and easy to eat with two hands. And as silly as this might sound, the mayo-mustard spread was divine – just the right amount, in just the right consistency over all the right parts of the bread.

and a bar review of Street & Co.

Street & Co.’s bar and lounge section offers a cozy surrender from its bustling dining room and open kitchen. You’ll likely be elbow-to-elbow with neighbors at the bar as you devour fresh Maine oysters, or you can stretch out in one of the several lounge sections with a cocktail and affordable bites ($4.50-5.50).

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