Reviews: Rick’s Lobby Cafe, Terlingua, Custom Deluxe, Palace

The Press Herald has reviewed Rick’s Lobby Cafe,

So…about that sandwich. The chicken was of the Boar’s Head persuasion and supremely fresh. The bacon was cooked before my eyes and the Swiss was melted just the right amount. The red peppers retained their all-important crunch and the spinach was green and perfect. The Dijon mustard was applied with a medium hand so it was just the right. This is important to me as too much or too little would have had serious ramifications.

and the Portland Phoenix has reviewed Terlingua.

As in life, the general sourness of things lends the sweet notes greater resonance. So while one starter of pickled egg and sausage was unrelenting in its vinegar-tartness, a ceviche appetizer featured some great sweet shrimp, whose flesh had not been over-cured — they were appealingly tender rather than soggy or rubbery. An entrée offered long pink slices of duck, which had been both cider-cured and smoked. But the resulting hints of bitter and sour mingled with pieces of a pumpkin seed brittle that lent some sweet-anise flavor, reinforced by the accompanying apple cranberry slaw.

The new issue of Down East includes a review of Custom Deluxe in Biddeford. The article isn’t yet available online but photographer Meredith Perdue has posted pictures of the article on her site,

Approachable and affordable with dishes culled from all corners of the world, their Custom Deluxe is also a reflection of Biddeford, a former mill town on the cusp of reinvention.

and The Blueberry Files has posted a review/dining guide for Palace Diner.

It’s hands down, the best French toast I’ve ever had. I didn’t really understand the appeal of French toast until I had theirs. This is how it’s supposed to be – custardy in the middle, crunchy on the edges, and bruleed on top, giving it a crackly, caramelized sweetness. There’s a river of butter and real maple syrup. 


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  1. Enjoyed dinner at Custom Deluxe yesterday. Creative and wonderfully executed dishes and well worth the trip to Biddeford.

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