Reviews: Outliers, Tipico, Hunt & Alpine

Peter Peter Portland Eater has published a review of Outliers Eatery.

I’ll be curious to see how it goes for Outliers. It’s not any secret that Portland is a food town and a huge challenge for anyone who wants to be successful in the restaurant industry – as though it’s not hard enough anywhere. Outliers would be the best restaurant in most Maine towns, but in Portland, only time will tell.

The Press Herald has published a review of El Tipico, the new Dominican restaurant on Deering Ave,

The rice and beans – a mixture of pinto and red kidney beans – were stellar and seasoned well, as were the chicken and cheese empanadas. The ladies called them something different, but when I didn’t understand they smiled and said they were their version of empanadas. They were crispy and hot on the outside, and the chicken was still nice and moist on the inside.

and a bar review of the Portland Hunt and Alpine Club.

Hunt & Alpine Club is the new star on Market Street in Portland. Open daily at 4 p.m., it’s the place to enjoy an expertly crafted cocktail before dinner, or because of its late hours, stop in for a drink after a big meal. While the menu isn’t necessarily meant for dinner, you’ll want to try a little bit of everything, such as the green chili popcorn or the Scandinavian-style open-faced sandwiches.

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