Reviews of Small Axe & King’s Head

Haddockquest has reviewed Small Axe Truck,

It’s difficult to find too many faults here, but if there’s one thing that needs to be pointed out, it’s portion size. Small Axe’s haddock filet may have been perfectly fried, but it was simply too small to properly stand-up against everything else that was going on. At times, for example, the acidity of the preserved lemon proved to be too much due to a lack of balance, which could’ve been cured by a slightly heftier portion of fish. Local haddock doesn’t come cheap, though, does it?

and The Beer Babe has published a bar review of the King’s Head Pub.

The tap list on the second day was about 20 items long, but struck me as being both ambitious and rather special. A few highlights on the list included the reason I ventured back on Saturday – Cantillion Iris – a spontaneously fermented glass of perfection that is rarely poured from a tap due to its expense and rarity. But mixed in were several of Allagash’s special releases (Victor, Confluence, Ginger Wit), some international selections including Chimay (Belgium), Dieu Du Ciel (Canada) and Thornbridge (England). I also liked that these beers were also side by side with IPAs from Founders, Baxter, and Rising Tide.

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