Reviews of Saigon and Ribollita

Appetite Portland has published a review of Ribollita,

Little about Ribollita is – on the face of it – buzz-worthy. Simple décor. A strange, cramped layout. And yet, this tiny Portland staple of Italian authenticity warms my heart like Aunt Vera’s hug. From the bubbly hostess with the can-do attitude, to the reasonably priced wine, to the menu full of unpronounceable noodles, Ribollita simply charms.

The Portland Phoenix has published a review of Saigon,

Saigon serves a nice, if not transcendent, version of the classic Vietnamese pho soup. The broth struck the right balance between rich and light, with hints of long-stewed ginger and scallion. The bowl was full of tender rice noodles and big pieces of white chicken meat. Mixing in a bit of lime, and leaves of mint and Asian basil, introduced fresh and sharp flavors. A brothless vermicelli dish was less successful but pretty good. We wished for more of the fresh vegetal crunch of carrots, cucumbers, and sprouts, and thicker pieces of the dark charred beef. The shrimp was too chewy and the fish sauce that held the dish together was a touch sweet and cloying. A fried noodle dish was exactly like a good lo mein.

Both Wines; Tasted! and The Blueberry Files has posted their first impressions from the opening night at Figa.

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