Reviews of Paciarino and District

Appetite Portland has posted a review of Paciarino.

Next to me, Adam’s “oh man-ing” over fat ravioli pillows stuffed with goat cheese and Vidalia onions caramelized with a touch of fresh sage. A drizzle of extra virgin olive oil glistens on his fork as he stabs chunks of the tender pockets slathered in traditional Pomodoro sauce speckled with fresh ground parmigiano.

From Away has published a review of District.

In conclusion, I am once again stumped and confounded. I wanted to like District more than I did but am not making any sweeping judgments or passing pronouncements as yet. There are certainly reasons to have dinner at this neighborhood hopeful and perhaps a more narrow path to follow. Stick with the raw bar, offal and appetizers, I’m thinking. Have many cocktails at the bar. Go when it’s already dark. Be part of a large party. Laugh a lot, and loudly. There’s room there. Share food, eat off each other’s plates…

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  1. I’ve only sampled a few things at DISTRICT so far… but mostly I was extremely pleased by how friendly & nice the staff was! That’s a quality I find lacking in many finer restaurants in town. I want to feel welcomed, especially if I am spending over $50/per person on a food & drinks! District greeted us nicely at the door, ushered us to seats at the bar where a bartender was waiting with a smile and wine & food menus. Seems trivial, but it’s those little things that encourage me to come back for a full dinner out — and that’s key considering how many other choices there are in town. The food at District was good, nothing that blew my mind: fresh oysters (and price at $1 each) and nutty seared fois gras.

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