Reviews of In’finiti, El Corazon, Outliers and The Salt Exchange

The Portland Phoenix has published a review of In’finiti,

It shouldn’t worry us too much: In’finiti is not a complete success, but given the scope of its aspirations there’s good promise early in the run. Novare Res improved over time, adding an appealing and affordable menu to its long list of mostly expensive beers. In’finiti, by contrast, has plenty of $5 pints of interesting local beer, but the food menu is a bit spottier, pricier, and struggles to find a balance between something pub-like and fine dining.

the Press Herald has published a bar review of The Salt Exchange,

Now into its fourth year, I see the Salt Exchange standing its ground on the boisterous brawl of Commercial Street’s bar and restaurant scene. Not an easy feat, I should think. For those looking for a more subdued (and dare I say, savvy) place to kick back in the Old Port, the Salt Exchange is the ticket. If nothing else, they’ll win you over with hard-to-beat service.

the Portland Phoenix has published a review of Outliers,

So Outliers offers much to like. But perhaps it is better not to think of Outliers as an outlier, especially in a city with so many very good restaurants…Let’s hope that Outliers holds it off for a long time to come, but in the meantime perhaps we should think of it as simply well above average.

and the Press Herald has published a review of El Corazon.

I welcome El Corazon to the Portland food truck scene with happy and hungry open arms.


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