Colucci’s & The Lobster Holy Donut

The Bangor Daily News has published an article about The Holy Donut and their latest invention: the lobster donut,

“I’m taking the best of every bit of Maine, which is potatoes, deliciousness, fresh lobster, some herbs,” said the owner of The Holy Donut, frying the lot into golden pockets of love.

Meet the lobster doughnut. No bib required.

and has published a report about the prospective new owner of Colucci’s and his plans for the building.

Simpson said that if his purchase is successful, “it would be my plan to continue (Colucci’s) as a store.”

In a display of optimisim, a window sign on the building that had simply read “closed” has now been replaced with one that says “opening this fall.”

The Holy Donut article also mentions the plans for a 2nd location in Portland slated to open in August and THD’s upcoming appearance on the Cooking Chanel’s show Donut Showdown.

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