Reviews of Howie’s & Pom’s

The Press Herald has published a bar review of Howie’s,

While I wasn’t sure what I was getting into when I ventured outside the popular Old Port bar area of Portland, I’m glad I gave Howie’s a shot. It’s a fun little place if you’re looking to venture from the Old Port crowds.

and a review of Pom’s.

On a cold day, one of my favorite comfort foods is any kind of noodle soup, or noodles in broth. So I went for lunch the other day at Pom’s Thai Taste Restaurant & Noodle House in Portland in search of some warm comfort.

I found it, plus a little extra kick.

Today’s paper also includes a report on the sour and wild beer tasting that recently took place at the Bier Cellar.

The Flemish red ale Duchesse de Bourgogne from Brouwerij Verhaeghe is a classic for the style, with almost no carbonation and a rich flavor. It is a blend of 8- and 18-month-old beers, aged in oak casks, with just a bit of sourness. It was one of my favorites of the line-up.



6 comments on “Reviews of Howie’s & Pom’s

  1. I know it’s not local but 145 commercial street is going before the historic planning board for a first floor renovation to retail change. One tenant signed up is Starbucks. Wonder how this will affect the local coffeshops in that area, including their own store.

  2. When I saw the plans submitted to the historic preservation board I assumed that meant they’d be closing their shop at the corner of Middle and Exchange. However, that’s not the case. It brings number of Starbucks in Portland up to 6 (including the airport). I think this new Starbucks will have its biggest impact on Crema, Morning in Paris and Port Bean Cafe.

  3. Yeah it’s def a new One and not a move. Starbucks is the opposite of Walmart , new coffeshops usually flourish around it. Look at all the ones that opened after exchange street starbucks

    I think port bean will take the brunt of it though from tourists. Crema is too far away and morning in Paris customers are a different breed

    I know this is a local eating site but I love Starbucks. Best retail workers in the city.

  4. The only one it’s close to is Port Bean which is on the same block. It certainly is no threat to Crema or One Morining in Paris.

    It’ll certainly be popular with cruise ship passengers in the summer and fall as that’s what they’re usually looking for in way of coffee. Or Dunkin Doughnuts…

  5. Nor am I but Portland is a prime example of free market capitalism as regards the food business so all comers are welcome to try their hand here.

    I seriously doubt that another crappy Starbucks is going to have any effect on the very good coffeehouses that cater to locals and discerning visitors.

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