Reviews of Hot Suppa & David’s 388

The Golden Dish has published a review of David’s 388,

What I didn’t expect to find was such incredible food managed by a service staff that makes you feel like you’re part of its larger family. That and the daring duo of chefs in the kitchen  makes this place  formidable.

and Lauren Loves to Eat has published a review of Hot Suppa.

Corned Beef Hash, $10.95; +$1.50 for Hashbrown (or grits): The corned beef hash is made in house with shredded corned beef, carrot, potato, and onions. It’s definitely very different from anywhere I’ve ever ordered this. The combination of textures was great, with more crisp pieces, as well as soft and tender parts. Dry and bland, the hashbrown was disappointing.

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