Under Construction: King’s Head

As part of a larger article on waterfront real estate, the Press Herald reports that Kings Head LLC has leased a ground floor space in the Pierce Atwood building where it plans to open a gastro-pub.

CBRE-The Boulos Co. announced this week that King’s Head LLC has a lease for a 2,250-square-foot gastro-pub serving high-quality beer and food. King’s Head currently operate pubs in Stowe, Vt., and Athens, Ga., and plans to open its Portland restaurant in September, according to CBRE.

When contacted Wednesday, Justin O’Connor, a partner in King’s Head, said that, for marketing purposes, he is not granting interviews until the pub is ready to open.

5 comments on “Under Construction: King’s Head

  1. Anybody know the name of the pubs? Even with my google skills I’m finding nothing. Only “gastropub” in Stowe appears to be mr pickwick’s which looks pretty tacky

  2. I did look into it but couldn’t figure out which pubs are theirs. There are what Yelp has classified as gastro-pubs in both towns but no indication they’re run by the same business.

    I contacted the journalist that wrote the story. He doesn’t have any additional info either.

    For now I guess it will remain a mystery.

  3. They have a chance to make it look really awesome in there with the brick interior and water views. Hopefully it’s not a gimmicky place cause those don’t work here.

    Also would be nice if maybe they can use their Stowe/Waterbury connection to pull a few kegs of Heady Topper here or at least some Hill Farmstead beers.

  4. They are probably operating under a different business entity in the other states, looks like King’s Head LLC just came into existence in Maine in January 2013, so they must have been looking for the right space for the last few months.

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