Reviews of Gogi and Brunch at Caiola’s

Where is Jenner’s Mind has published a brief review of Gogi,

given the affordability and uniqueness of gogi in portland, i think this establishment is a great addition to the portland food scene.  what is really cool is that gogi is open late night so if you need some korean/mexican fusion at 1 am, and who of us hasn’t, you have a great option.

and Vin et Grub has published a review of brunch at Caiola’s.

The Bird’s Nest consisted of two eggs, cooked over medium, nestled into pieces of Pullman Toast- which had been highly praised by other food bloggers- and lived up to their impressions I must say, served with country sausage gravy, and roasted sweet potatoes.  The toast was buttery, flaky, and delicious.  Toasted to a crisp, but sopped in some runny egg yolks did the trick to add a bit more flavor.  The sausage gravy was creamy and savory.  It had a pleasing aroma- somewhat resembling Shepard’s Pie, but highly reminiscent of my stay down south last year.  All in all, this dish blew my mind.

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