Reviews of Duckfat and Tony’s

Free Food Boston recently was in town and has published reviews of Tony’s,

The blueberry and the cruller were both fun and intensely sweet from the glaze. The nice thing about the molasses donut is that the more robust flavor from the molasses provides a solid base and contrast for the sweet glaze. It is less of a sugar bomb than some of the other varieties. Tony’s Donuts has firmly earned itself a spot amongst my Portland favorites. I fully intend to get a molasses donut, or six, on my future trips to Portland.

and of Duckfat,

The fries were golden yellow, some a crispier golden brown, piping hot and salty. The crunchy fried outside gives way to a sliver of warm potato inside. There’s no distinct taste from the duck, at least not that I could detect. The truffle ketchup was sweet and tangy, with a rich and earthy truffle flavor. As a big fan of ketchup, I worried that the small jar would not be sufficient for the cone, but the fries were so good, I ended up eating many of them on their own. But the ketchup was certainly a welcome addition.

Another food site from away, Tasting Table, highlighted Miyake, Browne Trading, Glidden Point Oyster Company and Chebeague Island Inn in one of their daily travel destination emails.

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  1. I don’t wish any restaurant to fail, but mercifully it looks Linda Bean has finally shut down the exchange street restaurant. All the windows were covered up with paper today. I can’t tell you a time I ever saw more than four people in there.

    That space is really great, especially for the deck. If the Crooked Mile’s lease was up, that would be a perfect spot for them to move to and have more space. We need a good casual lunch spot in that area.

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