Reviews of Blue Rooster & The North Point, Visit to MBC

The Press Herald has published a review of Blue Rooster,

I ate one, and literally had to push myself back from the counter where I was seated.

The [brussels] sprouts were so appealing — so full of well-conceived, co-mingling tastes, textures and flavors — I had to stop, slow down and savor.

Had I not used some self-discipline, I might have devoured the whole basket one after the other in rapid succession.

and a bar review of The North Point.

The North Point is unlike any bar I’ve been to in the Greater Portland area. It reminds me of a bar I’d see in southern France or maybe in Quebec City, within the old portion of the city. Emphasis is placed on enjoying the experience and each other rather than amenities such as televisions, pool tables or dart boards.

Today’s paper also features an interview with the owners of the Maine Beer Company about their new digs in Freeport.


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