Reviews: Lena’s, Little Giant, Tuscan Table, Blue Spoon

The Maine Sunday Telegram has reviewed Lena’s,

As you might expect, the dining room is decorated with handcrafted platters and bowls, elements that make it feel welcoming and homey. Chef Brian Grossman’s menu adds to that sense with his selection of Italian-American red-sauce classics, like a tender, beautifully cooked meatball Parmesan, and al dente spaghetti with pomodoro sauce, served in quantities large enough to feed a rebel insurrection. Better still are his specials, like crispy pork belly served with handmade, pesto-ricotta-filled ravioli.

The Golden Dish has reviewed Little Giant,

Wyllie’s version of Johnny cake was bathed in a luscious blueberry syrup, with a big fat housemade sausage oozing with cheddar set over the cornmeal pancake and topped with a perfectly fried egg.

Portland Magazine has reviewed Tuscan Table, and

The location adjacent to the Maine Mall notwithstanding, you’ll never mistake this for a mall or chain restaurant. (It does have two popular sister-establishments, the Tuscan Bistro in Freeport and Royal River Grill House in Yarmouth.) Most diners appear to be on dates or enjoying multi-generational, multi-coursed family meals. Everyone appears to have caught the celebratory vibe.

Peter Peter Portland Eater has reviewed Blue Spoon.

Here’s what I recommend when you go to Blue Spoon: sit at the bar, order the trio of scotch, keep your ears open, and enjoy what they offer, because every time I go, I like it more. They hit all the marks for excellence in a restaurant and because of that, they are becoming one of my favorites. Go there ready to eat and relax and maybe they will be one of yours too.

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