Reviews: Grace, Hugo’s, Hunt and Alpine Club, Tu Casa, Yordprom

Eat Maine has published a review of the Portland Hunt and Club.

White Noise is the best beverage you’ll have this month, maybe even this year. Made with St. Germain (quite possibly my favorite liquor of all time), Cocchi Americano, and grapefruit zest, it’s light and effervescent. It’s fruity without being sweet, and strong without being overpowering.

The Press Herald has published a review of Tu Casa,

In fact, it’s best not to worry about geographic origins altogether and focus on the real strength of Tu Casa — namely, that everything tastes fresh and homemade.

and a bar review of Grace.

Grace’s impressive ambiance could easily be seen as a distraction. After all, it’s not every day that you get to drink beer and eat a swanky burger in a church. However, the food, the drinks and the service live up to the restaurant’s charm. First timers will likely become devout patrons, returning again and again.

Maine magazine has published (not online yet) a review of Hugo’s.

While the precision of the fare is a novelty, and the beautiful plating a visual treat, these s’mores still taste like childhood camping trips and liicking my fingers in the smoky, dark woods. Forward-thinking yet rich with history—this is the new Hugo’s.

and Living, Eating and Aging has published a review of Yordprom Coffee.

I don’t know if I’d walk past some of the other really good coffee shops just to grab a cup at Yordprom but I certainly wouldn’t pass by Yordprom to go anywhere else either.  Basically, it’s a really nice coffee shop with excellent coffee, free parking and a great garden.

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