4 comments on “New Sicilian Slab Spot in the Works

  1. Good luck to him — hopefully he’ll find a space with lots of foot traffic.

    And then we can do a blind taste test of his pizza and the one being sold at Miccuci’s now as I note that the lines there are just as long as ever. And the pizza is just as tasty.

  2. I agree the pizza seems more or less the same, but the few times I’ve seen the luna bread it did not look so good. Maybe its gotten better since then.

  3. More often than not, I’ve noticed they don’t have any of the breads. What they do have are standard Italian lunch fare — meatball subs and the like. I’d guess that reflects what they make the most money off.

    I’m not sure that Luna bread sold all that well.

    It is, after all, a family business that’s stayed in business for a very long time by knowing what’s profitable and what’s not.

  4. I love the Luna bread since it is some of the best bread in town and the pizza sauce is way too sweet for me.

    I hope the new slabs are less sweet, but I can’t blame him if he does not want to change what most people seem to love.

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