Reviews: Drifters Wife, Lincolns, Baristas & Bites, Shay’s Grill Pub

Peter Peter Portland Eater has reviewed Drifters Wife and Shay’s,

Chef Ben Jackson works the small kitchen next to the bar with deft and precision and the food clearly reflects that. Perfectly prepared, fresh food and plenty of wine is what you’ll find there and with a new menu every day, he’s challenged to come up with clever culinary interpretations to keep things interesting. And he does it very well.

the Press Herald has reviewed Lincolns, and Barista and Bites,

With six beers on tap (Allagash White, Harpoon Cider and Peak Organic Pilsner to name a few), one red wine, one white and no mixed drinks more complicated than liquor and a mixer, ordering a drink at Lincolns couldn’t be any less complicated.

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