Reviews: Bramhall, Golden Lotus, Bramhall

Peter Peter Portland Eater has reviewed Bramhall,

When all was said and done, my portion of the bill came to around $30 including tax and tip.  Bramhall was really fun, reasonably priced, and had an incredible atmosphere and decor. It would definitely qualify as an anytime hangout. The place wowed me as soon as I walked in which is also when the party started. From there it just got better. I would undoubtedly recommended this place to anyone for a great drink and some unique snacks.

the Press Herald has reviewed Golden Lotus,

White rice, or as my brother-in-law likes to call it, “the candy of grain,” is something I could also do a lot of damage with, and this certainly was the case with what I consumed at Golden Lotus. Cooked to perfection, it didn’t stand a chance, even with my less-than-stellar chopsticks skills. Also, the portions were generous. Not enormous, but plenty of food to satisfy the bottomless pit of my stomach.

and published a bar review of Bonfire.

Aside from the Solo cups and the self-serve beer wall, another exclusive detail at Bonfire is the choice of seats. Ever sipped a beer from a Solo cup on a cowboy saddle seat? (Don’t answer that.) Well, here, in the dim glow of Mason jar candles and the blue glare of 12 flat screen TVs, you finally can.

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