Another Review of Bramhall

The Golden Dish has reviewed Bramhall.

Bramhall is also open for lunch and their sandwich menu is expanding. Consider Porky’s Revenge, shaved and seasoned pork loin with pickled jalapeno and greens on a hoagie or the Flip “em the Bird, a hearty roast turkey sandwich with Fontina and roasted corn and tomatillo salsa on a hoagie.

3 comments on “Another Review of Bramhall

  1. John Golden takes terrible, terrible food photos! After all this time, you’d think he’d manage to improve. He does these restaurants a real disservice, however well intentioned he may be.

  2. I think his pics are pretty good. Must be hard to do with dark lighting in some restaurants unless you have all that professional equipment

  3. Definitely appears to be using flash and/or filters, not necessarily ideal for food porn. I haven’t been to Bramhall yet, but it’s essentially a dungeon-like environment from what I’ve heard, so it’s a wonder any shots come out at all…

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