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The inevitable success of Zapoteca spells the end of careless, cartoonish, bottomless-margarita kid-friendly Mexican cuisine in Maine. Each dish we tried included an unexpectedly sophisticated, delicious surprise, whether it was in the use of additional ingredients, or in the different way those ingredients were assembled and presented. Ultimately, where Zapoteca succeeds most completely is in its dedication to authentic ingredients, with clever twists and spins that don’t take each dish outside the realm of what it essentially is.

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  1. I’ve been twice and both times were AWESOME. Tom the owner and his wife –Shannon have created a great place. Lots of fun drinks to choose from –blood orange maragarita was delish and approx $8. Tres cerviches, yum, food was excellent. Shannon came out and introduced herself and we were able to ask her about her excellent dishes. Also, both times, we had excellent service from our servers. Service can sometimes make –or break–an experience, and it’s obvious there is a large emphasis placed on creating a great experience for the patrons.

    I was so impressed both times, can’t wait to return.

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