Review of Tandem Bakery

The Golden Dish has reviewed the new Tandem Bakery.

The custard of the chess pie was flawless, thick and rich with the tang of citrus and buttermilk.  The bottom crust wasn’t soggy, either, though the overall shell was a bit unusual.  It’s an all butter crust, but I’d like to know what Holt is doing to it?  It’s not flakey but crisp instead.

The blueberry crumble-topped pie was another perfect piece of pie.  The filling wasn’t overly sweet but just right and I loved the crunchy, candylike topping.

3 comments on “Review of Tandem Bakery

  1. The treats I’ve had there so far have been absurdly good. Scones and chocolate chip cookies that might be best in town already

    Real estate leasing section in paper says “Beer Guys” leased 900 sq feet of 396 fore street. That’s grittys so I’m guessing their retail spot . Any idea who/what they are?

  2. Nick, The Beer Guys LLC that leased the space was incorporated in August 2000 so I don’t think it’s a new company. Has the Gritty’s retail space been around that long? If so, it might be that they’ve just renewed their lease.

  3. Perhaps the new location of the mysterious Port City Brewing Company?? They have a promo photo that appears to be taken on Wharf St. right outside of Grittys. If I’m right, they will hopefully give me free growler refills for a year.

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