Review of Pocket Brunch

Food Coma has published a review of the latest edition of Pocket Brunch. The event took place earlier this month at Broadturn Farm.

Shortly after, the “pre-meal” snacks begin to appear, starting with beet red velvet muffins, frosted with goat cheese and topped with candied walnuts. These are probably some of the best muffins I’ve tasted in a very long time, with the cake itself being ultra-moist and perfectly complimented by the tangy frosting. Next are the apple cider donuts that I had been clamoring for, each filled with a dollop of candied apples. Lastly, as is tradition, we are presented with brimming chalices of “pocket bacon,” which in this case tastes as if it may have been lightly candied also. Someone once referred to this as “Like dog treats, but for adults,” and I would be hard-pressed to argue.

Tickets for the November edition of Pocket Brunch are now on sale. The event will feature French Canadian fare produced in collaboration with guest chef Nate Nadeau.

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