Review of Po’Boys & Pickles and Readers’ Poll Results

Po’Boys & Pickles received 4 stars from the Taste & Tell review in today’s Maine Sunday Telegram.

Fried oyster salad ($8.50) is a surefire solution to the perpetual hunger for fried oysters. Set on top of a salad of pickled green beans, sliced cucumber, grape tomatoes and mesclun in a mustardy vinaigrette with dollops of remoulade, the oysters are juicy and perfect, encapsulated in thin, golden crunch.

The Maine Sunday Telegram also published the results of their 24th Annual Readers’ Poll today.

We culled all this from our 24th Annual Audience Readers’ Poll. It’s long been a trusty gauge of what Mainers like best in the areas of fun, food and frolic. But this year, it was revamped with a focus on summer.

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