Review of Katie Made and Big Claw Pilsner

The Press Herald has published a review of Katie Made.

While all three pulled at my heart — and stomach — strings, I went with the Cuban. Two words: Muy delicioso! Seriously. From the perfectly heated roll to the fresh pork and tangy mustard, I was in sandwich heaven. I forced myself not to devour it in a frantic feeding frenzy and enjoyed every morsel, pausing to recognize the individual merits of the pickles and the ham.

Also in today’s paper is an article about Big Claw Pilsner from Bull Jagger.

Lagers have a bad reputation in America, and Pilsners are the lagers most people think they know. Most watery, fizzy American beers pretend to be Pilsners.

Bull Jagger Brewing Co., which introduced its first beer in October, is working to redeem the reputation of lagers. Its Big Claw Pilsner — which appeared on store shelves last week — continues that effort.

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