Review of Hot Suppa & Valentine’s Day Stories

Joe Ricchio has written a dinner review of Hot Suppa for the Maine magazine blog.

The barbeque platter is the first entree to arrive, piled up with hickory-smoked pork ribs and pulled pork, as well as mesquite-smoked brisket. The meat immediately falls of the rib bones, and the best way I can describe the meltingly tender pulled pork and brisket is to call it “meat candy.” A plethora of sides include braised collard greens to aid digestion, tender sweet potato fries, and two wedges of crispy skillet corn bread, slathered with a liberal dollop of whipped butter melting down the sides.

And in his alter ego as the on-air personality for Food Coma TV, Joe has compiled a Valentine’s Day video of Portland “waiters and waitresses to shar[ing] their least favorite, experiences waiting on couples“.

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