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Eat Maine has published a review of Fore Street.

One of the elements that I enjoy most about Fore Street—in addition to the chewy, soft bread from Standard Baking Company slathered in butter—is the fact that warm foie gras is perpetually found amongst the menu offerings, with an ever-changing array of accouterments. On this particular evening the foie gras is served grilled with sweet cherries, pesto, and bitter arugula, with toast points provided as a conduit for the decadent, fatty duck liver.

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  1. This weekend while dining at Fore Street my out-of-town guests received a salad that had to be returned due to excessive “grit” on the lettuce – a most unpleasant experience. The pork loin dish (which we have ordered on several occasions) came to us overcooked. Though we finished the meal without complaint, we noted that this was not the first time the dish disappointed us because of overcooking, and it WAS brought to the kitchen’s attention before… Was anyone listening?

    We remain hopeful that the chef, staff and management take notice and make changes necessary to maintain the high level of food and service we have come to expect at this fine restaurant.

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