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The Blueberry Files has reviewed Boone’s.

When the boyfriend suggested Boone’s for his mom’s birthday dinner, my first response was, no way. Then I thought, ugh, don’t be such a B, give it a shot. It’s a nice restaurant on the water, and I wanted to have an open mind about the food there. I called and made a reservation for a Monday night – I asked to sit outside, but they don’t make reservations for the outside decks. So we crossed our fingers and went.

If you want to be all TL;DR about it, the takeaway is that the food is fine, the service was not so fine, and I was unfortunately not impressed despite trying to find a silver lining.

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  1. Home of the $14 well vodka martini. I have eaten at Boone’s at least a dozen times. The quality of the food has spiraled down and the prices have escalated. Harding casts a wide net trying to snare tourist dollars, occasionally a local gets caught up in the haul. “Fool me twice, shame on me.”

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