Portland Street Eats

Today’s Press Herald reports on the growing diversity of food carts and food trucks on Portland’s streets.

The article profiles: BP’s Shuck Shack, Snappy’s Tube Steaks, Fresh Eats, Mami, Milly’s Skillet, Cannoli Joe’s, LemonCycle, High Roller Lobster, Zippy Doo Dog, Lola’s Taqueria, Yellow Cart, Pure Pops, Brulee Bike, Morsel and The Marshmallow Cart.

8 comments on “Portland Street Eats

  1. Is there any kind of aggregator for all the Portland food trucks? Would be great to see where they all are, in one place!

  2. Hello,

    Does anyone happen to know the best way to follow where the food trucks in Portland are located day-to-day? Is there an app? Or a website? It seems, from what I am seeing, that the carts and trucks themselves do not post where they will be.


  3. I tried Roaming Hunger, but deleted it, because it never showed that any were available in the area, even when I knew some were open nearby. If you find a good one, let us know!

  4. I called all of them. The best way to find them is listed in each profile in my story – their favorite spots, and what day and time they will be there. A lot of places, unfortunately, say they post on Twitter or Facebook where they will be, but they don’t, really. A few do a good job of it, though, and you can find their links in my story.

  5. Having lived in or visited on an extended basis food truck friendly cities like Austin, San Diego, Boston, Chicago and San Francisco, the lack of a social media presence by Maine food trucks is beyond perplexing.

    In a city like Austin, a food truck (at least one that wants to be successful) wouldn’t dream of not broadcasting its location via Twitter daily or even multiple times per day.

    I dunno… maybe Portland/Maine food truck owners feel that the food traffic afforded by summer tourism is bringing them *enough* business for the time being?

    On the other hand, Twitter and Facebook are completely free to use. What is the harm in spending 20 seconds a day posting a tweet to their account letting folks know where they’ll be? At minimum, these owners are missing the boat in terms of building and maintaining a brand and a customer base. At worst, they might be killing their business completely. To not take advantage of a completely free resource like Twitter just seems kind of asinine.

  6. Chubby Werewolf is spot on. Trying to track down food trucks has been a challenge. And often some of the food trucks work Weekends only. Not sure how any of them are staying afloat with a limited schedule and short season.

  7. Hi guys!

    We here at The Muthah Truckah utilize both Facebook & Twitter. We post our weekly schedule every Sunday on Facebook! Otherwise, we post daily reminders as to where we’ll be on both Facebook & Twitter. Hope to see you all soon! 🙂

  8. Hey everyone,
    We do operate on a somewhat limited schedule (Thurs-Sunday) but always make our hours, locations and details very clear. Just take a look at http://www.facebook.com/fishinships. Most other food trucks we follow and are friends with use a similar formula. On days we’re open it shouldn’t be too hard to track any of us if looking at our social media. Hope to see you all the truck soon!

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