Review of Bayou Kitchen

The Maine Sunday Telegram has published a review of Bayou Kitchen.

From start to finish, the Bayou Kitchen was a warm and casual respite from the winter chill.

Service was a perfect blend of friendly and sassy, and the food prepared with an expert and subtle hand. Flavors were layered, and the menu showed an intelligent blend of options — each representing the Louisiana theme, but not catapulting it into caricature.

I will be back, earlier next time, to linger and savor.

3 comments on “Review of Bayou Kitchen

  1. Four and a half stars to a restaurant that uses pancake mix? What is the criteria this reviewer uses to set her standards? I can’t take these reviews seriously when nearly every one rates a four or above. Please be a bit more discerning in your ratings!

  2. It is, for a breakfast spot, worthy of four and a half stars as what it does is superb Cajun breakfast comfort food. I’ve eaten there many times going bak to the original owner-chef and the present crew combined with a renovation that had much much needed space have made it one of the best brunch spots in Portland.

    As regards the use of pancake mix, so what? I know of two spots for breakfast on the peninsula that claim to be using organic bacon and eggs that get their bacon and eggs from either Sam’s Club or Sysco! and in both cases, they taste great but not organic.

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