Review of Back Bay Grill

The Maine Sunday Telegram has reviewed the Back Bay Grill.

Sophisticated dishes superbly done – after 25 years, Back Bay Grill remains at the top of its game. The wine list is a special one – many bottlings have significant cellar age. Every dish is a standout, including specials of the day and – in addition to those described in the accompanying review – Bang’s Island mussels, truffled beef tartare, grilled filet mignon, roast chicken breast and hand-rolled turban of salmon.

The also has an editor’s note indicating that this is John Golden’s last review for the Maine Sunday Telegram.

4 comments on “Review of Back Bay Grill

  1. This is hilarious. With the exception of one place on Penobscot Bay last week, he reviewed the EXACT same restaurants he has been talking about since he first started blogging at, ending with the one he has raved about for years. So much for new perspectives… can we please have Shonna Humphrey back now?

  2. Anyone got a clue why Golden lasted so sort a time at writing a column? It’s very odd.

  3. Not to be unkind, but to me there is something rather unlike-able about him that comes across in his writing. Reading his reviews is not fun to me for that reason. I’m looking forward to a change.

  4. He said in the last review that he took a position that required him to spend too much time in New York to do the weekly reviews here.

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