Regards at 547 Congress Street

A new Los Angeles-inspired restaurant called Regards (website, instagram) is under construction at 547 Congress Street with plans to open this winter.

Owners Neil Zabriskie, Kimberly Lund and Cameron Lewin plan to serve a menu that melds the “fresh, clean [approach of] California cuisine which is intrinsically tied to techniques and flavors from Mexico” with “produce and vegetable driven dishes while shining a spotlight on the bounty that Maine provides.” Chef Zabriskie clarified that Regards isn’t a Mexican restaurant but those food “memories, techniques and flavors are a deep part of LA and my palate”.

Regards will have a natural wine and agave focused beverage program.

Regards will be located in the space that’s been the home to Emilitsa for the past 13 years. The Greek restaurant held their last dinner service on Saturday September 25th.