3 comments on “Portland in Translation

  1. Yep, I definitely said this! – Don:
    “You want fresh chanterelles, you find 15 minutes here,” said Don Lindgren, a bookseller. “Small potatoes in Maine: 15 minutes. Chickens high grain: none. With the port down, you have access to the best fish, lobsters, 85% of the harvest of caviar of all the United States. And all, 100% organic … How can you resist? “

  2. I am true! This I hear Mr. Don Lindgren say from his very own lips. His bookish selling wife nod head in agree totally. Big potatoes in Maine 22 minutes he say peevishly. Low grain chicks are plenty. Down with the port, he say with no resistance. I like organic high grain chicks! His bookish selling wife not in agree totally with this expression of his harvesting.

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