Lunch at Saigon

foodquest had some good things to say about a recent lunch at Saigon on

Beef Pho Special – dare I say, better than Thanh thanh?! The beef in all forms was tender and flavorful, the noodles tender, aromatic broth, excellent broth to noodle ratio IMHO.

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  1. My husband and daughter and I had dinner here on Friday night and it was great! The staff was kind, the interior was bright and clean and tidy, and the food was exactly what I was wanting: warm, sweet, salty, spicy. I am a vegan and found only one or two things on the menu that would work, but the rice noodles with tofu that I got was perfect. My husband had one of their pho offerings and reported that it was very good – more authentic than any that he’s had in Portland so far.

  2. I enjoyed my pig’s feet and blood cubes here. The beef was also excellent. No MSG is a huge plus which is what kills Than Than’s for me sometimes. I just came back from Asia last week and this was very similar food. My wife and her sister thought their shrimp and meals were made with food that was very close to going bad. I loved it but I am not sure I will be able to go back )

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