Phoenix’s Burger Reviews

The Portland Phoenix has published set of burger reviews from 8 different restaurants with tasting notes, and details on what they felt like during and after the meal.

Restaurants have such distinctive styles around here that it’s usually apples-to-oranges to compare them — how do you measure risotto against fish tacos or pad thai? But a majority of menus still have a burger option, which allows us compare the city’s styles in a quasi-scientific way. We subjected a handful of Portland’s signature burgers to our own test, factoring taste, style, source, and the feelings we experienced eating them.

For more Portland burger reviews see the Burger Meister Meister blog and the o-rama burger collaboration.

5 comments on “Phoenix’s Burger Reviews

  1. they actually missed many of the great burgers in town. caiola’s, 555, and katahdin all have burgers that are much better then the ones that got mention.

  2. I’ve said it before but I’ll say it again: Portland food bloggers on the whole are more knowledgable, better writers, and more passionate than the writers in the media who get paid for writing about our food scene.

    The burger round robin done under the auspices of PFM was far better than this column.

  3. Caiolas is a miss here BUT they went to Blue Spoon which is very close to the quality you’ll find at Caiolas.

  4. The article does not say it was looking for or evaluating the very best burgers. It states it is evaluating “a handful of Portland’s signature burgers”. There is value in doing so, IMHO.

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